Visiting Maryland's largest tree
with Joe and Mary Howard
April 27, 2012.

We have a Sycamore tree in our back yard.
So we got to talking with Joe Howard and his wife Mary,
and Joe told us about the Sycamore that is now Maryland's
largest known tree. And he offered to take us there to see it

Our own sycamore in Arlington

We met Joe and Mary in Bealesville, MD.
Joe proudly showed us the Governor's certificate for the tree.

It certifies the sycamore as Maryland's largest tree.

We were off on a hike to see the tree, Joe leading the way.

Crossing the C&O Canal.

And along the Potomac shore.

Until we came to the sycamore, a mighty tree. Mary hides.

Can't get the whole canopy in the photo.

Joe tells us about the tree.

More photos: Barbara and Randy

Then off to see the silver maple at Lock 26.

Another tree with distinctive character.

Joe knows his trees.

All day, Joe and Mary picked up trash and pulled invasive weeds.

There were nice flowers along the way,
and we saw both white and blue herons.

Joe and Mary dive in the trash cans to recover recyclable
bottles and cans that thoughtless people throw away.

Then it was back to Bealesville for ice cream and on home.
Thanks, Joe and Mary for a very nice afternoon.

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Last updated April 30, 2012